Top 10 Greatest David Bowie Music Videos

I’m a firm believer that David Bowie continued on the innovative legacy left behind by The Beatles, ceaselessly pushing boundaries and fully understanding the importance of image being equal to music in the Rock and Roll equation. No more is this more apparent in Bowie’s music video work, where (like in all aspects of his career) he continued to relentlessly push the boundaries of the medium. Across his career Bowie produced an enormous amount of music promos/live performance video shorts, collaborating heavily with music directors and typically driving the creative vision. It is well know that Bowie would often devise storyboards and costume concepts for his videos, with the ‘Ashes to Ashes’ video in particular anticipating the age of MTV. Here are 10 of Bowie’s greatest/mind bending/visually propulsive moments:


10. Miracle Goodnight

(in which David subverts the conventions of Hip Hop music videos)


9. Life On Mars?

(in which David is in the best selling show)


8. Jump they Say

(in which David jumps)


7. D.J.

(in which David is a D.J. – he is what he plays)


6. Let’s Dance

(in which David puts on his red shoes)



5. Ashes To Ashes

(in which David walks on Hastings’ beach)


4. Loving The Alien

(in which David wanders in a Dali painting)


3. Fashion

(in which David is ‘insulted by these fascists’)


2. Blackstar

(in which David becomes a ✮)


1. Boys Keep Swinging

(in which David skewers gender politics in one of the most badass moments in Rock and Roll history)






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