PvP: The Return of Polly and Bobby

2016 kicks up a gear as Primal Scream and PJ Harvey unveil prime cuts from new records.

‘The Wheel’

First up is Polly with her Kosvo inspired track ‘The Wheel.’ An indictment on the effects of war on children, this ‘Masters of War’ style diatribe is infectiously catchy and accompanied by stunning visuals. PJ Harvey’s new album ‘The Hope Six Demolition Project’ is shaping up to be a direct sequel to 2011’s ‘Let England Shake,’ with all the usual suspects (Mick Harvey and Seamis Murphy) on board. Judging from this track, it’ll be intense but possibly even more Poe-faced than its predecessor, which could well end up being its Achilles heel.

‘Where the Light Gets In’

Slightly lighter (but only on the surface!), Primal Scream bring the goods with the first track off forthcoming ‘Chaosmosis.’ ‘Where the Light Gets In’ is a shift change after career watermark, 2013s ‘More Light,’ with Bobby and Co taking a more electro-pop tact that evokes the best of Serge Gainsbourg. Sky Ferreira puts in a strong turn in the third part of a triology of ‘Bobby plus guest’ Scream duets (Kate Moss and Alison Mosshart previously featuring). The usually eloquent and opinionated Bobby Gillespie has been apparently rendered speechless about the record (well according to a hilariously ridiculous interview in this month’s Q magazine anyway), so mystery and expectations remains high about ‘Chaosmosis’ but apparently this single is ‘an ode to cheating’ (not one to play to your wife then Bobby, eh?).


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